Chorus Innovation

This week I have had the opportunity to meet a large financial Innovation Director. During the meeting he explains how information must be shared as a choir. Each voice in compass with others to increase the internal information value. I have had meetings in the past with others innovation directors, most of them had a siloed view of innovation. Small people groups with a large technological or business background, working together to “Innovate”… ERROR!!!

I always try to explain what is Microsoft innovation vision, explaining innovation grows up from people diversity, taking profit from employee capillarity to lift the ideas from the field to the product groups.

For the first time ever an Innovation Director match with my diagnostic (or to be honest I match with his diagnostic 🙂) about how innovation occurs. I always say, there are no innovation companies, instead there are or not companies, public sector departments or people groups with innovation capabilities. Then, where is the error?

The creation of these siloed areas is the error, innovation cannot be just in “expert” hands, innovation never happens in this siloed areas, because this siloed areas are endogamous.

When someone says, “here we are, these girls & guys are the innovation group”, I usually think, this is not an innovation group, it is just only a group of endogamous people trying to create the new Chupa Chups (after 58 years this product has not evolved or been innovated at all).

So, what they must do?, or what they should have done?.

  • First, hire a new Innovation Director, with choir ideas.
  • Second, break up this group or groups and push innovation from the field, not from the sky.
  • Third, change the company mind, every employee can help companies to innovate, flat companies usually do faster, hierarchical companies do slower or cannot do it.

Choir Innovation occurs when different experience people (not “experts”) incorporate their ideas from the field, according with the identified area fact (business, technological, etc.) in a choir way, as equal as a chorus sing in a concert. Different experience voices make great concerts, one, two or six singers make just only good songs.